NERSC    University of Bergen    IMR    Nansen Scientific Society

Nansen Tutu Center for Marine Science      University of Cape Town

Organising committee

Prof Mathieu Rouault, UCT, NTC, South Africa. 


Dr Marjolaine Krug, CSIR, NTC, OOPC, South Africa. 


Prof Johnny Johannessen, NERSC, Norway.

Scientific Committee

Session 1:

Dr Bjorn Backeberg, NTC, South Africa.   Prof Johnny Johannessen, NERSC, Norway.

Session 2:

 Dr Joke Lübbecke, GEOMAR, Germany.

Prof Juliet Hermes, SAEON, South Africa, Dr Pierrick Penven, IRD, France

Session 3:

​Dr Annette Samuelsen, NERSC, Norway.  Prof Peter Hagen, IMR, Norway.

Dr Tarron Lamont, South Africa.

Session 4:

​Prof Noel Keenlyside, University of Bergen, Norway.   Prof Mathieu Rouault, UCT, South Africa.


Assoc Prof Babatunde Abodiun. UCT, South Africa. Prof Nils Gunnar Kvamstø, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen

Session 5:

Prof Isabelle Ansorge, UCT, South Africa,



Nansen Scientific Society
Nansen Scientific Society
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