Organising committee

Prof Mathieu Rouault, UCT, NTC, South Africa. 


Dr Marjolaine Krug, CSIR, NTC, OOPC, South Africa. 


Prof Johnny Johannessen, NERSC, Norway.

Scientific Committee

Session 1:

Dr Bjorn Backeberg, NTC, South Africa.   Prof Johnny Johannessen, NERSC, Norway.

Session 2:

Prof Peter Brand, GEOMAR, Germany,    Dr Joke Lübbecke, GEOMAR, Germany.

Prof Juliet Hermes, SAEON, South Africa, Dr Pierrick Penven, IRD, France

Session 3:

​Dr Annette Samuelsen, NERSC, Norway.  Prof Peter Hagen, IMR, Norway.

Dr Tarron Lamont, South Africa.

Session 4:

​Prof Noel Keenlyside, University of Bergen, Norway.   Prof Mathieu Rouault, UCT, South Africa, .

Dr Thomas Toniazzo, Bjerknes Center, Norway.  Assoc Prof Babatunde Abodiun. UCT, South Africa.

Prof Nils Gunnar Kvamstø, Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen

Session 5:

Prof Isabelle Ansorge, UCT, South Africa,


Assoc Prof Marcello Vichi, MARE, UCT, South Africa,